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I sent in an application late October 2021 to Lagerfeldt German Shepherds. Jackson & Laini replied the same day informing me that their first litter would be arriving in December/January. When the litter was born they kept all perspective owners up to date on the puppies progress. When the puppies were 6 weeks old, I went to their property to choose my puppy. The conditions of this property where second to none. It was obvious immediately of the professionalism of these breeders. There was no doubt of the dedication and work that goes into the health and well-being of each of their dogs.

I have since taken home my puppy and couldn’t be happier. It’s only been a week, and already he has been house trained, comes to his name, learned to sit and has socialised beautifully with our older Labrador. The temperament and intelligence of this puppy shows that Lagerfeldt German Shepherds are dedicated and quality breeders. I simply could not recommend them high enough. You won’t be disappointed.

- Gemma Taufalele, puppy owner

from A litter.


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