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With Django and Dante by his side as the cutest wingmen ever, Jackson got down on one knee and asked Laini to marry him! Here's how he pulled off the surprise moment...

May 15 started out like any other day so when Jackson suggested we head down to the Lake to walk the boys I was more than happy to do so.

As we were walking along, together with Jackson's mum Wendy, we turned a corner and Jackson snuck off with Django. When I turned back to find them, Jackson was down on one knee and Django was wearing the cutest little bandana that read:

"Mum, will you marry my Dad?" How could I say no to that!! Thankfully, Jackson's Dad was already waiting in the bushes to capture the moment so we can look back in years to come!

Having the boys included in the proposal was the sweetest thing. They were so happy and received many hugs from Mum and Dad for being such good helpers.

We can't wait to start the wedding planning process :)

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