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Their love for German Shepherds started well before Lagerfeldt owners Jackson and Laini met each other.


Growing up, Jackson's parents adopted a one-year-old German Shepherd Dog named Jake knowing they had the time, space and means to give him a better life than what he had previously known. Looking back now, Jackson says his love for the breed began with Jake. Skip a fair few years ahead when Jackson moved to Germany at the early age of 14 to pursue a career in soccer. Although he knew it wasn't possible, due to living in a unit and having limited time, Jackson wanted his own German Shepherd companion. His friend decided to gift him a furry friend that he would be able to manage- a stuffed toy German Shepherd. The funny gift turned out to be quite a meaningful surprise that Jackson still thinks back to today. After eight years in Germany, Jackson returned to Australia. As soon as he was settled, Jackson started looking for a four-legged best friend and in 2018 Jackson found Drago.

Meanwhile, Laini had always grown up with large dogs, particularly Great Danes. Her obsession with dogs has always been a well-known attribute. No matter the breed, she'd always be the one to pat any dog she met. Starting her career at a young age saw Laini re-locate a few times before she settled in Inverell. After a year working in the small town, she met Jackson and Drago. Rumour has it she was more excited to meet Drago than Jackson. After a while of dating, the two decided to move in together and they started looking for a friend for Drago. The search for their second German Shepherd consisted of a lot of research into purebred German Shepherds. Three soon became four when Déjà was welcomed into the growing family. 

Seeing the two together, and raising Déjà from a puppy, brought Jackson and Laini so much joy. Drago and Déjà became the centre of their world and they realised how much happiness dogs can bring to a person's life. Having two German Shepherds and an interest in the breed led Jackson and Laini to further research the path to becoming a registered breeder, and why improving the German Shepherd breed is so important. As time went on, they decided to look for a beautiful home to purchase. Top of the priority list when looking at different properties on the market was sufficient acreage so Drago and Déjà  had plenty of room to run and play. In 2020, Jackson and Laini found the perfect place- Heidelberg- where we all reside today!

Our German Shepherd family has grown in the last 18 months, as has our understanding of what it takes to breed healthy German Shepherds with sound temperaments. Our dogs are raised in a loving home environment, and are all physically, mentally and genetically sound. As a Disability Support Worker, Jackson often takes our German Shepherds with him to work and has seen the positive impact our dogs can have on the people he supports in many different areas.


Our dogs have been hip (A) and elbow (Z) scored through the German Shepherd Dog Council of Australia (GSDCA) and we have DNA screened for hereditary diseases. We are members of Dogs New South Wales and the German Shepherd Dog League of NSW. We are a small, family-run kennel, located in rural New South Wales. Our puppies will be suitable for a wide range of functions whether it be the perfect family pet, for showing, security, companionship or other work.

Dogs NSW Membership Number: 2100097169

German Shepherd Dog League Membership Number: 19/212





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